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TADO VITO Handmade Face Mask *Amber linen* Size M Unisex Handmade in UK Fitted Mask With Nose Strip


TADO VITO Handmade Face Mask


Size M, Unisex

Made in Birmingham,UK

More designs and colors available

Item Description

Non-medical, Washable/reusable 3 Layer face mask
With improved "one piece" filter layer. Filter layer is shaped from one piece to fit the mask, this let us avoid making stitches to the filter in the middle of the mask. (see images and info below)
Outer side and lining made from linen fabric
Middle layer/filter: Non-woven material (Polypropylene)
With aluminum nose strip (fully secures the mask to prevent fog on your glasses)
With toggle to adjust the length of elastic band
Around 90% of materials to make this mask and packaging are sourced from small UK businesses
Colors may be slightly different depending on computer and monitor settings. Some masks made from fabrics that reflects the light in slightly different shades depending from the angle
Because of hygienic reasons these masks are non returnable so if you not sure how it will fit your face or worried that it might be too small or too big, please contact us and we will help you to choose the best option
All masks are hand made in Birmingham and visually inspected before posting. If you noticed serious manufacturing mistakes that prevents you from wearing your mask, please contact us and we will solve this issue together
Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class
TADO VITO Construction:

Tado Vito mask's middle/filter layer is made from Non-woven material (Polypropylene). We designed our masks in a way that does not require cutting or sewing the top (nose) and bottom (chin) parts of the filter. Normally these cuts and stitches are necessary to shape a 3D product. However in this case when stitching, the sewing machine's needle would puncture our filter right in the areas where we breathe and these tiny holes would potentially let more "nasties" to go through, making the mask less effective

We applied only necessary stitching to the areas of the mask that is not primarily/main breathing areas. These are non medical grade masks and not been medically or scientifically tested or proved. We can not guarantee it will 100% protect your health. However we tried our best to create a mask that has good filtration while still being breathable, fits to the face well and properly secures around the nose so there is no gaps through which airborne "nasties" can reach your nose or mouth

Care information:

Use resealable bag provided, to keep your mask before or after use
Hand or machine wash 40°C
When washing try not to crush the aluminum nose strip. If it's been constantly bend it might break into 2 pieces. Always keep it in "U" shape. Never in "V" shape
Do not tumble dry, do not wring. After washing, mask has to be still quite wet. Lightly stretch the mask's fabric with your fingers to get rid of creases and shape the mask to it's original shape while it's still wet. Use mask's elastic bands to hang your mask. It has to dry naturally
Do not iron. Mask's middle layer/filter is made from non-woven material (Polypropylene). If heat is applied it will harden the filter which also most likely will stick to inner or outer layer of your mask and will damage your product.
We have tested different ways of washing and drying our masks and the best and most easy one is still a classic wash with a natural dry
To further protect the mask's components and extend it's lifetime when machine washing, it is good to place your mask with other laundry. By "sheltering" your mask in places like other clothes pockets, sleeves or bags it should protect the mask from direct contact with hard parts of washing machine. In this case the aluminium strip will be more secured and elastic bands won't get tangled or damaged
Fitting your mask:

Adjusting the nose strip: Before putting your mask on, shape the nose strip to create a “U” shape. Use you index finger and gently press the strip. If required, even out the creases by stretching the material.
Put on the mask and firmly press around your nose until mask properly fitted
Tighten the upper strap of the mask (above your ears). This will tighten the upper part of the mask and enable you to fit the mask appropriately
Adjust the lower strap (under your ears) and tighten it

This is a non medical grade face mask. We can not guarantee it will 100% protect your health. Please take extra care when using this mask and wear it properly. If you have concerns about your health or not sure how this mask will suit your personal situation please discuss it with your trusted medical professional. Wash it before use

About Tado Vito

TADO VITO was founded in 2014 by Fashion and Garment Technology graduate of Central Saint Martins and Birmingham City university. All products imagined, designed and made in United Kingdom (Birmingham). We are small fashion label choosing to source our supplies and services from small UK businesses and individuals.

If you have suggestions on improving our designs or construction or maybe looking for a specific color or design mask to match your outfit, please contact us - we are here for your thoughts. Tadas@tadovito.com

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