Brown Waxed Cotton Canvas Apron


Waxed cotton canvas apron designed for Barbers, Hairdressers and other Professionals and Hobbyists. 14 pockets to fit scissors, brushes and other tools 

Handmade in England 

Available in Short, Medium, Long sizes


Sizes - top of bib to hem

Short: 70cm (as pictured) 

Medium/standard: 85cm 

Long: 100cm

Apron width: 65cm


Apron have 14 pockets. Top pocket designed to fit phone and pens. 3 lower pockets can fit A5 size writing pads. Additional 9 pockets are designed to fit scissors, brushes and other tools


Pockets secured with rivets to give extra strength at stress points

Adjustable straps are designed to give extra comfort. Secured with side release buckle


Our fabrics sourced from UK suppliers


Care Instructions: Waxed cotton not to be machine washed or all wax will be removed from the material. Hand clean with cloth or sponge with cold water. Scratches on apron can be fixed by applying a bit of heat with hairdryer. This will melt the wax inside the fabric and all marks will disappear

Straps can only be removed through the top. Detach swivel snap hook from apron eyelets. Remove Plastic Tri Glides and swivels. When you have open end strap - pull it out through oval eyelets. 

Due to the natural dyes there may be some colour fading over time


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